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Welcome to Fortune 151 Navy Museum. Fortune 151 was a Bay-class minesweeper built for the Royal Canadian Navy. We set out to bring back the history of this magnificent work of art and we would like you to join our journey.


About Fortune 151

Fortune 151 formerly known as HMCS Fortune was a Bay-class minesweeper built for the Royal Canadian Navy. Named for Fortune Bay, located in Newfoundland, the vessel served in the Royal Canadian Navy. After nine years of naval service, including acting as the flagship of the Second Minesweeping Squadron during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Fortune was decommissioned on 28 February 1964. Placed up for auction by the Crown Assets Corporation, the ship was then sold into mercantile service. The vessel was then refitted as the charter yacht MV Edgewater Fortune and was used for short cruises along the coast of British Columbia. She was also occasionally used for fishing, and was commonly used for school trips to learn about the wildlife on the coast, and in the water. In July 2015, she was renamed151 Water Street, and converted to a private yacht.

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